Kwok-Kin Wong, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Wong is a professor of medicine and director of medical hematology and oncology in the Perlmutter Cancer Center at New York Langone Health. His research, teaching and clinical activities focus on understanding the pathogenesis and genetic alterations involved in lung tumorigenesis, as well as testing novel targeted and immune cancer therapies for lung cancers. Dr. Wong’s laboratory integrates human cancer genomic studies, generation of new de novo mouse model of cancers and novel drug treatment studies utilizing unique preclinical platforms.  These genetically defined autochthonous lung cancer models are extensively utilized in my laboratory for treatment studies to determine the efficacy of novel targeted therapeutics or immunotherapeutics, either as single agents or in combination. Equally important, these “mouse clinical trials” studies will elucidate the molecular mechanisms of sensitivity and resistance to targeted therapies and immunotherapy stratified by genetic alterations in the different types of lung cancers, with the hope that insights could lead to curative combination regimens for patients with advanced lung cancer. Dr. Wong has authored over 200 peer reviewed publications and is a member of The American Society for Clinical Investigation/The American Association of Physicians (ASCI/AAP).